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KELIOIL- Sophisticated Solutions for You

Where to find additives that are perfectly suitable for your cementing projects?
Where to get more cost-effective fluid loss additive to facilitate your projects process?  
What to do with the sedimentation problem of low density cement slurry?
For your different needs and requests, KELIOIL provides one-stop solutions accordingly.

With more than a decade’s development of topnotch technologies and persistence of customized services, KELIOIL, knowing as a most outstanding global supplier in China, is able to produce all kinds of mature cementing additives and provide complete solutions for customers worldwide.
It is worth mentioning that the R&D of products, design and implementation of solutions are all self-developed by KELIOIL. Therefore, it is possible for KELIOIL to achieve cost control and maintain service quality at the same time. Knowing well of customers’ needs and assessing carefully of technical details, KELIOIL’s professional technical support engineers provides optimal solutions to customers.
Being customer-oriented, KELIOIL always focuses on improving user experience. To satisfy your needs is our permanent pursuit.